Bir Billing Paragliding

Bir-Billing is the best spot for Tandem Paragliding sessions in Himachal Pradesh, India. Normal paragliding flight is for 15 to 30 mins.

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Bir Billing Paragliding Height

The most famous spot in Billing is its paragliding take-off point, which is the world's second highest, towering at 8,000ft, offering panoramic views of the valley below. The landing site is in the western fields of Chowgan in Bir.

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Billing Paragliding

15 To 25 Min
Bir Billing Takeoff Site
Bir Billing Landing Site
Min Age : 12+
Max People : 200
(702 Review)

Paragliding in Bir Billing

30 to 45 Min
Bir Billing Takeoff Site
Bir Billing Landing Site
Min Age : 12+
Max People : 100
(655 Review)
Best Seller

Tandem Paragliding Bir Billing

45 to 60 Min
Bir Billing Takeoff Site
Bir Billing Landing Site
Min Age : 12+
Max People : 50
(459 Review)
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Camping with Paragliding in Bir Billing

1 Day
Bir-Billing Takeoff Site Camp
Bir-Billing Landing Site
Min Age : 15+
Max People : 20
(702 Reviews)

Popular Destinations Bir Billing and Dharamshala

Trail to Triund Hill, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

Triund Trek

Triund trek is one of the shortest and easiest Himalayan treks with spectacular scenery and a picturesque view of snow-covered Dhauladhar ranges and Kangra Valley Himachal Pradesh
Triund Trek 2022 - CashBack: Rs 300! A Sunrise You Cannot Miss, Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh, India Triund Trek Book at best prices now!
Triund trek is one of the most popular treks to go over a weekend from Delhi and Chandigarh. It is perhaps the easiest Himalayan trek to do on your own.

Paragliding in Indrunag

Paragliding in Dharamshala

Book Paragliding In Dharamshala @ Best Price Only on Billing Adventures. Enjoy a breathtaking and absolutely spectacular view of Kangra valley from the sky!
Mcleodganj offers you a complete adventure when you trek to Triund for the paragliding session. The expedition rejuvenates your soul, thanks to the pure mountain air and greenery around you, which makes your trip to Himachal Pradesh so very enticing.

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Dharamshala Paragliding

1 Day
(510 Review)

Bir Billing Paragliding

1 Day
(702 Review)
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Trek to Triund

1 Day
(245 Review)
Best Seller

Paragliding in Bir, Camping And Trek to Triund Dharamshala

1 Day 1 Night
(236 Reviews)
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Bir Billing Paragliding Cost

The gliders take off from Billing and land in the lush green flatlands of Bir. Bir Billing Paragliding packages generally cost around INR 3000 per person which includes transportation and Gopro for shooting.

Camp Site in Bir
Camping in Bir Billing

Best Places For Camping In Bir Billing · 1. Camp Oak View · 2. Shivirama Camping · 3. Connect · 4. Camp Kasbah Bir · 5. Monkey Mud Hostel and Camps. A good place to have camping experience near Bir. Situated in an isolated place in the middle of jungle, one can experience nature in true sense. Camp Oak view is located in Oak forest at the edge of Dhauladhar wildlife sanctuary. Sanctuary provide vast diversity of birds, animals, flora and fauna.

Bir Billing is a place which is splurged with monasteries displaying the Tibetan culture and its influence on the place and its people. Among other monasteries, Sherab Ling Monastery is the one which is highly popular because of the meditation courses that it offers to the tourists as well as to the local people.

Billing Adventures Bir Billing

Bir Billing Paragliding Season

October to June is the season for paragliding. Even October – November and March – June are the best time for long flights. Paragliding experience during December, January is different as all the mountains around covered with snow, even Billing experience snowfall during that period.

Paragliding Season in Bir Billing. Generally Bir Billing remains open for paragliding from the mid of September to the 1st week of July.

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Trek To Triund

Triund Trek Camping

Since night camping is not allowed on the Triund peak, you will also have to look for guest houses. There are some comfortable ones near the Gallu Devi temple.
There are a few guesthouses in the Gallu Devi Temple area. If you want, you can even take a halt there before going for the climb. Night camping is not allowed at Triund peak. So, we recommend you to stay at any of the guest houses by Forest Department available.
The best part about Triund trek is it can easily be done solo due to its well defined route. The relatively easy trail and with magnificent views of Dhauladhar ranges on one side and of Kangra valley on another side it becomes an easy introduction to the treks for beginners.

Dharamkot is the starting point of Triund trek and the total distance covered in Triund trek is 9 km from Dharamkot. Every year a lot of trekkers visit Triund to witness this adventurous trekking trail.

Billing Adventures McLeod Ganj Dharamshala
Trek To Triund

Dharamshala City in Himachal Pradesh

Dharamshala is a city in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Surrounded by cedar forests on the edge of the Himalayas, this hillside city is home to the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government-in-exile. The Thekchen Chöling Temple Complex is a spiritual center for Tibetan Buddhism, while the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives houses thousands of precious manuscripts

Located in Western Himachal region, Dharamshala is a prominent name in Buddhist tour to the state, as the home of Dalai Lama and all the Tibetans in exile. It is a well-known centre for studying Buddhism, its sutras, tantras, and major texts related to this.

Billing Adventures McLeod Ganj Dharamshala
Trek To Triund

McLeod Ganj

McLeod Ganj, also spelt McLeodganj, is a suburb of Dharamshala in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is known as "Little Lhasa" or "Dhasa" because of its large population of Tibetans. The Tibetan government-in-exile is headquartered in McLeod Ganj.
Nestled amidst majestic hills and lush greenery, Mcleodganj is a beautiful town situated near upper Dharamsala. It is famous for being home to the world-renowned Tibetan spiritual leader the 14th Dalai Lama.

Monsoon season is the best time to visit Mcleodganj. December to Februaury are the coldest months in Mcleodganj with the temperature reaching very close to the freezing point. Mountains are laden with heavy snow and this period is considered best for the visitors especially honeymooners.

Billing Adventures McLeod Ganj Dharamshala